History Of Auburn Lake Trails

While the promise of becoming a lake-side community did not materialize, and probably never will, the vision that the original developers had continues to thrive and is well-suited to serve our community going forward. We are a collection of ‘regular folk’, who live together in a rural community located in the heart of Gold Country with the good fortune to be surrounded by the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Sierra foothills as well as quite a few man-made amenities.

As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2020, we thought you might enjoy a reprint of two historical perspectives of ALT, written in the 1990s for our 25-year anniversary festivities. A major theme throughout our history is that the community focuses on the present while planning for the future. That spirit continues today. Auburn Lake Trails has a lot to offer and perhaps it’s greatest asset is our residents who come together to make this community work while embracing and respecting our differences. We welcome those who want to be active in writing the history of the next 50 years as well as those who prefer to pause and just enjoy all that this place we call home has to offer.

‘Eureka’ Revisited!  by Clair Cunningham, History Committee Chairperson

A Course is a Course, of course, of course… but ALT’s is also a Gem. by Dick Taylor, Contributing Writer

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